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Second Year in Swine

by Rotary Club

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Second Year In Swine (free) 02:12
Get A Room 03:12
You had a message to settle a score, and the wherewithal to write down as you wanted, take it home for the night. You're distracted by the staphanger's haul, pushing and poking holes in your liquified love, but don't be offended, don't take it a slight. Get a room, any room, get a room no one can see. A room to rent a room to let yourself be free, lip-locked, luminous, no one can see. Don't take offense to these unruly passengers, for the lines of taste are drawn and the lines of taste are crossed. Get a room, any room, lock the door and toss the keys. Get a room...
You know you want that second cup of diminishing returns. Determined to repeat yourself, watch your flagship crash and burn. Rewards are worth the work, for these laurels can't be bought. Pushed or shoved or slipped between the cracks out a welcome that you've worn. The loneliest mile is the one you run in place. You'll have a hard time keeping pace. Awards for second place are the furthest from your mind. But the glory that awaits you here is but a train ride. The loneliest smile is when you lie in state. You'll have a hard time saving face. It's a lonely coronation, it's a fleeting love affair, they brushed the veil of desperation from your eyes.
Union? 03:07
I don't care what color your parachute is and I pay no mind when you cut in my line. A cursory nod of the head and away I go, I'm happy to walk and stand in these shoes. Misery loves company. And there's a line behind you. So you think I'm some sort of parody of a feeble mind, a ne'er-do-well. Your insincere tidings and resume linings go day by day, you and your lot in your windsor knot ties. C'est la vie, stripes all over me, but I got mine the hard way. How happy we are all going down together. On separate rides but just the same. Going miles away from the box our lives arrived in. Some lose the tags, some don't return.
Millie's Variety (free) 02:12
Take The 7 Train (free) 00:34
Kidney Stone 03:14
Take a little time off, try another tack, maybe something like a Tet Offensive? You knew the war was far from done, but these were battles that you clearly should have won, not the rolling can of corn you thought you'd always see. And you knew, you knew. Like plastic bags in city trees, a lesser soul's obscuring all your dignity, reaching through the leaves and branches hopelessly. And you knew, you knew. No evidence, your defense rests and the court you're holding is adjourned. You knew the work was far from done, and cutting corners wasn't helping anyone. Notice how the old standbys stand by no more. Your high-step march through a low-hung arch, life was sleepwalking, just passing through. Now with a jeweler's touch, perhaps you've thought as much, life's no kidney stone passing through.
Your tilted axis smile belies a moving target agenda: you'll come and go as you please, come and go. You've got multi-colored rings, like hoolah hoops caught in a turnstyle, and when everyone sees green, you see blue. but don't bleed, don't bleed blue. It's alright, it's alright, blue's entirely fine to bleed, bleeding colors leave you gray. Bleeding colors leave you gray.
Capsule 04:52
You never see the stop signs, the flashing lights, the knobby hands around your neck. No curtail call is coming, just graying strands, an hourglass, the best made plans don't stir the heart or hands. You never see it coming, you never see it coming and you never say a word. Brace yourself for a valiant fall, you'll say "I don't want to leave you, don't want to leave you", when you will. So you prune dead trees with the coming of fall, watering weeds with no thought at all. Exhaust your options now you play? You never see it coming and you never say a word. Queen Anne's Lace across my face, plastic eyeballs set in place. And when I'm rushing I would run past the gravestones, now I'm one, so brush the dust off me, I'm a capsule, I'm a capsule, come and read about me.
Land of no sea, sky with no sun, nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. What is never seen with the naked eye? Your guess is good, as good as mine. No living thing could call you home, what built you up is what brought you down. Was it just desserts? Were you not aligned? A fallen star is so hard to find. There was a time when you stood tall, confused and proud and bound to fall. And your icy pose is a blurry glow. You had your time now it's time to go. Farewell my far away fancy, so long so long.
If they fire you everything is alright. Never hire you? Everything is alright. You have a lifetime to bring yourself down. If they tire of you know enough to resign. What is fine with you and leave the dredges behind. Every now and then we're bound to lose our bearings and drown in buckets of blues. Do you wake up every morning thinking everything you've grown as gone to seed? And every opportunity is locked away as someone else's dream. The futile calls for curtain calls from throngs you never see what do they mean? Every now and then we're bound to lose our bearings, dump those buckets of blues. Just have a good mind to find a good heart.


Rotary Club's second LP "Second Year In Swine" is slated for a November 19, 2011 release. Once again produced by Tony Maimone, Rotary Club plugs in on this effort and the results are electric, baby.


released November 19, 2011

Produced by Tony Maimone
Mastered by Steve Berson at Total Sonic Media


all rights reserved



Rotary Club New York, New York

Rotary Club is the brainchild of NYC guitarist, singer, songwriter Tom Devaney, who gathered a few musical compatriots from his days in Boston and teamed up with ex-Pere Ubu bassist Tony Maimone on 2007's LP Vis-a-Vis. In February 2012, Rotary Club released its second LP, 2nd Year in Swine with Maimone in the producer's chair once again. Check out Rotary Club's website at www.rotaryclubnyc.com ... more

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